Design & Development toolsets for EV(Electric Vehicle) by Detroit Engineered Product (DEP), USA

Detroit Engineered Product

Detroit Engineered Product (DEP), USA has unveiled its innovative eMOD -Electrification Module. It is a Design & Development toolsets for EV (electrification modules). It is presented at Auto Expo 2023, India. 

Detroit Engineered Products is an engineering solutions development company based in the USA. The company promises faster turnaround times and optimized solutions during the design & development stages of Electric Vehicle production. 

MeshWorks is the most recent Computer-aided engineering– CAE platform developed by DEP. This platform has best-in-class capabilities for minimizing CAE modeling time by 30%. It also has process automation & optimization features. The MeshWorks CAE platform includes toolsets for EV development, eMOD (Electrification Modules).

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eMOD is a set of meshing and Design and Development toolsets for modeling drive units, battery, and inverter structures. This also has tools for Computational fluid dynamics – CFD and body structures. The meshing tools of eMOD provide component-level models, which can be used by EV designers.

Design & Development Modules in MeshWorks includes-

  • Battery Models
  • Power Electronics Models
  • Electric Drive Unit Models
  • Full Vehicle Models

The Design & Development toolsets by MeshWorks provide solutions –

For Electric Drive Unit

  • Electro-Magnetism Analysis-
  • CFD- Computational fluid dynamics Analysis 
  • CHT- Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis 
  • High-Frequency Noise Analysis 

For Inverter

  • CFD & CHT Analysis 
  • Vibration & Shock Analysis 

For Battery Cell

  • Electro-Chemical Analysis 
  • CFD & CHT Analysis
  • Vehicle Level Crash Analysis 

For Overall Vehicle

  • System Modeling 
  • Minimize Aero-drag
  • Optimization of Vehicle Weight

DEP is also showcasing its extensive range of advanced engineering and consulting services like –

  • Reduced Order Model (ROM)
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) parametrization.
  • EV body engineering including exteriors, and interiors, 
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). 

We look forward for great designs and developments in upcoming Electric vehicles.

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