Electrify Your Ride in Minutes with Dhruv Vidyut: Turn Your Regular Bike into an Electric Powerhouse

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get around and exercise, but pedaling up challenging hills or long distances can take a lot of effort. Electric bicycles provide motor-assisted riding, but purchasing an e-bike can be expensive.

That’s where Dhruv Vidyut offers an innovative solution – a DIY kit to easily convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike in minutes.

In this article, we’ll look at how Dhruv Vidyut can transform your standard pedal bike into an electric bicycle quickly and affordably.

Overview of Dhruv Vidyut

Dhruv Vidyut is an Indian startup that has developed technology to convert nearly any bicycle into an e-bike quickly. Their electric conversion kit includes the following:

  • A compact, motorized wheel that replaces your front or rear wheel.
  • A lithium-ion battery that provides electric assistance as you pedal.
  • Throttle control mounted on the handlebars.
  • All necessary wires and controllers.

Everything can be installed in around 10-15 minutes with basic tools. And the conversion is completely reversible if you want to switch back to a regular bike.

Benefits of Converting Your Bike with Dhruv Vidyut

Why choose to turn your existing bicycle electric over purchasing a new e-bike? There are some compelling benefits:

Cost savings – The Dhruv Vidyut kit costs around ₹15,000-25,000 depending on the model, compared to ₹30,000+ for a new e-bike.

Customization – Convert the bike you already own and love riding.

Environmentally sustainable – Avoid the wastefulness of discarding your current bike for a new one.

Keep original parts – If needed, the rear wheel can be swapped back in. Non-destructive installation.

Simple process – With easy DIY fitting, no special skills or tools are required.

Fun project – Provides satisfaction of customizing and electrifying your bicycle.

For those seeking an affordable, quick way to experience electric pedal assist, Dhruv Vidyut is a great option to make your bike electric.

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How to Install the Dhruv Vidyut E-Bike Kit

The installation process is designed to be simple and take under 15 minutes. Here is an overview of the key steps:

Parts Included

  • Motorized wheel (front or rear)
  • Battery with holder
  • Throttle control with display
  • Various connectors and cables
  • Zip ties and adhesive pads

Tools Needed

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Allen key set
  • Screwdriver

Installation Steps

  1. Remove your front or rear wheel from the bicycle frame.
  2. Install the motorized wheel in its place, securing it with bolts or nuts.
  3. Attach the throttle controller to the handlebars using zip ties or adhesive pad.
  4. Mount the battery on the frame using the holder and adhesive pad.
  5. Connect all the wiring between the motor, throttle, battery, and bike contacts.
  6. Power on and test – ready to ride!

It’s that quick to swap out a wheel and get connected. The thoughtful design allows nearly anyone to motorize their bike in minutes with common tools.

Riding Experience with the Dhruv Vidyut E-Bike Kit

Dhruv Vidyut
Image Credit: India Times

Once installed, what’s it like riding a bike converted with the Dhruv Vidyut electric kit?

The pedal assist experience is seamless and intuitive. As you begin pedaling, the motor provides up to 250W of electric boost to accelerate and maintain speed with less human effort.

The throttle lets you control the power assist level on demand. Need to conquer a steep hill? Dial up the electrical boost with the twist grip to make it effortless.

The motor and battery are designed to integrate smoothly with your pedaling. Apply more muscle to go faster and farther, relying on the electric assist to take the edge off riding.

The conversion feels natural and preserves the inherent joy of cycling while adding power when needed. It opens up longer distances, hills, and headwinds that might have seemed challenging on a traditional bike.

Do you want a lighter workout focused just on cardio? Dial back the assist and pedal normally. Best of both worlds!

Advantages of an E-Bike Over Regular Bicycles

Beyond the install benefits, what unique upsides do e-bikes have over standard bicycles in daily use?

Less exertion – Get a power boost when needed, reducing effort on challenging terrain.

No sweating – Arrive fresh since you’re not worked up from pedaling hard.

Conquer hills – Climb grades easily that would be difficult on a traditional bike.

Increase range – Go further with less fatigue thanks to electric assist.

Faster average speed – Motor boost lets you sustain higher speeds with less effort.

Avoid car traffic – Tackle longer commutes by bicycle that weren’t practical before.

Still get exercise – Pedal as much as you want for fitness, with electric backup.

Carry cargo – Haul kids or heavy loads using motor power.

Converting with Dhruv Vidyut unlocks all the advantages of riding an e-bike using the comfortable bicycle you already own and love.

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Additional Electric Bicycle Options from Dhruv Vidyut

Dhruv Vidyut offers several options to electrify your bike:

Front hub motor – Replaces front wheel. The balance feels similar to the original bike.

Rear hub motor – Rear wheel swap feels natural since human power is still up front.

Higher wattage motors – 500W or 750W for more acceleration and hill climbing.

Larger batteries – Up to 1 kWh capacity for 60+ km range per charge.

Performance controllers – Advanced performance tuning and dash displays available.

Mountain bike kits – Special off-road e-bike packages rated for trails.

Accessories – Lights, racks, fenders, and other add-ons.

Whether you want basic electrification or high-performance features, Dhruv Vidyut can customize the system to match your needs.

Will It Work With Any Bicycle?

A benefit of Dhruv Vidyut‘s wheel swap design is broad compatibility with most standard bicycle frames and components. However, there are some requirements:

  • Bicycle style – Best suited for mountain, commuter, hybrid, or comfort bikes. Road bikes can be challenging due to tight clearances.
  • Frame material – Aluminum or steel bike frames are recommended. Carbon fiber or very lightweight frames may not handle torque.
  • Wheel sizes – 700c, 29 inches, 28 inches, 27.5 inches, and 26-inch wheel sizes are supported. Limited 20-inch support.
  • Brake type – V-brakes, caliper, or disc brakes are compatible. The coaster brakes are not.
  • Suspension – Front suspension mountain bikes are fine. Full-suspension bikes can be problematic.

If your bike meets those criteria, the Dhruv Vidyut kit should mount right up. They provide fitment guides to confirm.

Do It Yourself vs Pro Installation

For most DIY-savvy bike owners, installing the Dhruv Vidyut kit following the instructions can be completed easily in 10-15 minutes. It’s a very approachable project resembling swapping out a flat tire.

However, some may prefer having a bike shop handle the installation professionally. Benefits of pro installation include:

  • Expert assembly and tuning by experienced bike technicians.
  • Precision fitting of components like throttle control and cabling.
  • Troubleshooting guidance if any issues occur.
  • Verifying all connections and parts are functioning safely.

Though adding cost, professional installation can provide peace of mind and the security of mechanic-grade build quality. Check with your local bike shops to see if they offer Dhruv Vidyut conversion services.

Maintaining Your E-Bike After Conversion

Dhruv Vidyut
Image Credit: Volt e byk

Once your bicycle is electrified with a Dhruv Vidyut system, a bit of ongoing maintenance helps keep it operating safely:

  • Recharge battery – Regularly recharge the battery to avoid damage from depletion. Charge after each long ride.
  • Check connections – Inspect wires and connectors periodically to ensure nothing is loose.
  • Tire inflation – Electric assist increases wear on tires, so maintain proper inflation.
  • Weather protection – Shield electrical components like the battery from exposure to rain or other weather.
  • Clean grime – Gently clean dirt and grime off the motor and electronics. Avoid pressure washing.
  • Suspension upkeep – If your bike has front suspension, keep it maintained per manufacturer recommendations.

With proper care and maintenance, a Dhruv Vidyut e-bike conversion kit can provide reliable operation and a fun riding experience for years before requiring any major service.

Are Dhruv Vidyut Kits Street Legal?

Before electrifying your bike, it’s important to understand the legalities. In general, Dhruv Vidyut e-bike conversion kits are street-legal with some provisions:

  • Top speed limited to 25 kph – Faster requires registration and licensing in most areas.
  • Power output 250W or less – Over 250W is considered a motor vehicle in some regions.
  • No throttle-only operation – Some level of pedaling is typically legally required.
  • Age restrictions – Must be 14+ years old to ride electric bicycles legally per Indian traffic rules.
  • Use bicycle lanes/paths – Do not ride where regular motor vehicles go.

As long as these guidelines are followed, a Dhruv Vidyut converted e-bike can be ridden anywhere traditional bicycles are permitted. But always check your local municipal laws.

The Future of Do-It-Yourself E-bikes

Dhruv Vidyut’s DIY electric bike kits offer an early glimpse of how converting existing bicycles could reshape transportation. Some possibilities if the technology advances:

  • Lower cost – Mass production could make DIY kits more affordable than buying a new e-bike.
  • Performance improvements – Motors, batteries, and controllers improve.
  • Greater adoption – DIY kits paired with policy incentives could dramatically increase e-bike use for commuting.
  • Innovative designs – New ways to integrate conversion systems into bike frames evolve.
  • Mainstreaming – Converting your bike could become commonplace rather than buying a new one.
  • Environmental benefits – Avoiding manufacturing whole new e-bikes reduces waste and emissions.

In the early days, Dhruv Vidyut has proven the viability of simple, affordable DIY e-bike conversion kits. With ongoing improvements, they could disrupt the entire bicycle industry.


With a Dhruv Vidyut electric bike conversion kit, transforming your traditional bike into a motor-assisted e-bike is quick, easy, and affordable.

In just minutes, you can start enjoying all the benefits of riding electric, from extending your range to conquering hills with less effort. It breathes new life into any old or tiring bicycle without the cost of buying a brand-new e-bike.

The installation process is straightforward and customizable. Electrify your commuter, mountain, comfort, or other standard bike simply by swapping on a motorized wheel.

While still an emerging technology, Dhruv Vidyut demonstrates the exciting potential of DIY e-bike kits to make electric bicycles accessible to millions more riders in India and beyond.

Have you tried converting your regular bicycle into an e-bike? Let us know your experiences and thoughts on the future of conversion kits like Dhruv Vidyut in the comments!

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