Introducing the All-New Switch IeV3 and IeV4 Electric Light Commercial Vehicles in India!

The cutting-edge SWITCH IeV3 and IeV4 with a 330 V High Voltage EV Architecture establishes a new standard for economy and performance in the 23.5T commercial vehicle category. These trucks have a large cargo body that extends up to 9.7 feet and can handle up to 340 cubic feet of containers.

The Switch IeV series has a large cabin with clutch-less operation, extensive legroom, plenty of headroom, and the comfort of sliding and reclining seats, as well as Foldable Parking Brakes. These series provide a comfortable and smooth driving experience thanks to the industry-first electronic power steering technology.

The SWITCH IeV Series will give an outstanding and efficient range of up to 300 kilometers of operation per day (with Opportunity Charging) with the best-in-class Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thanks to a durable battery pack ranging from 25.6 to 32.2 kWh.

These electric vehicles have a payload capacity of up to 1.7 tons and use the Switch iON system, which provides real-time vehicle information, insights on the vehicle’s position, operating route, trip history, and the condition of EV aggregates, among other things, all of which contribute to streamlined operations and ease of driving.

Product Focused on the Customer

The Switch IeV Series’ adaptability, which makes it ideal for a wide range of transportation demands, is one of its most appealing features. Whether for e-commerce last-mile deliveries or urban commodities distribution, these vehicles provide a versatile solution that can adapt to a variety of jobs, ultimately contributing to more efficient and sustainable mobility in our cities.

Important Characteristics

The Switch IeV Series is changing mid and last-mile transportation in the electric Light Commercial Vehicle (eLCV) category. It demonstrates Switch’s global leadership in electrifying logistics. The Switch IeV, with an industry-leading turnaround time, is poised to transform last-mile logistics, paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable future of urban mobility.

  • Electric Power Steering,
  • Sliding & Reclining Driver Seat
  • Dual Tone Dashboard
  • 2 USB Ports (Charging Station for Mobile Devices)
  • D+2 Seating in a Spacious Cabin
  • Lockable Glove Box with Reverse Park Alert (Music/Radio/Aux/USB*)

Switch IeV3 Features

Switch IeV3
Image credit E-Vehicleinfo

Model Details

GVW 2590 kg
Payload 1200 kg (FSD)
Wheelbase 2510 mm
Cargo Body Dimension-FSD8.6 ft X 5.3 ft X 1.4 ft
Container Suitability270 CFT


Range120 Km
Max. Geared Speed70 Km/ph
Gradeability 22 %

Charger Details

AC Charging TypeStandard – Type 2 AC
DC Charging Type (Optional)Optional – CCS2 (AC & DC)

Charging Time

AC Charging6 hours (Approx) – 15A (3.3 kW charger)
DC ChargingOptional – 60 mins – 30 kW Charger

Switch IeV4 Features

Switch IeV4
Image credit E-Vehicleinfo

Model Details

GVW 3490 Kg
Payload 1700 kg (FSD)
Wheelbase 2590 mm
Cargo Body Dimension-FSD9.7 ft X 5.7 ft X 1.6 ft
Container Suitability340 CFT


Range120 Km
Max. Geared Speed80Km/ph
Gradeability 23 %

Charger Details

AC Charging TypeStandard – Type 2 AC
DC Charging Type (Optional)Optional – CCS2 (AC & DC)

Charging Time

AC Charging8 hours (Approx) – 15A (3.3 kW charger)
DC ChargingOptional – 75 mins – 30 kW Charger


The prices of both vehicles will be announced by the company next year, in January 2024.

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